- What is the 10/40 Window?
- What is Ten|Forty Threads?
- Why did we start this?
- Why T-Shirts?
- Who Receives Funding?
- What has Ten|Forty Threads given so far?
- How can I get involved?

The 10/40 Window is the rectangular area of North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia between approximately 10 degrees North and 40 degrees North latitude. The 10/40 Window is home to the majority of the world's unevangelized countries. The "unevangelized" are people who have a minimal knowledge of the gospel, and have no valid opportunity to respond to it. While it constitutes only one- third of earth's total land area, nearly two-thirds of the world's people reside in the 10/40 Window. The 10/40 Window is often called "The Resistant Belt" and includes the majority of the world's Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. An estimated 2.91 billion individuals live in approximately 5,900 unreached people groups in the 10/40 Window. The 10/40 Window also contains the largest unreached people groups— some with over one million individuals. The top 50 least evangelized megacities are all in the 10/40 Window! That fact alone underscores the need for prioritizing the 10/40 Window in our Great Commission efforts.

This information came directly from the Joshua Project website. To read more click here

Ten|Forty Threads is a nonprofit organization that exists to support missionaries serving in the 10/40 Window. Several college students living in Auburn, Alabama developed this organization. This organization creates products (apparel, stickers, etc.) from which a large percentage of the proceeds is given to a selected missionary in the 10/40 Window who is in financial need. The name “Ten|Forty Threads” got it’s name after hearing a sermon by the current International Mission Board president, David Platt, which was about weaving gospel threads into your everyday conversations. If you wake up everyday with an intent to share the good news of Christ with someone, then you will be intentional to craft your conversations in a way that leads to sharing the gospel. So while Ten|Forty Threads is meant to raise money for missionaries serving in the 10/40 Window, it is also meant to encourage gospel conversations through wearing the actual products we sell.

Ten|Forty threads began after a few college students at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama were convicted about their lack of giving to the missions effort. A local pastor preached a sermon, informing the congregation of startling statistics of the need in the 10/40 Window. Of the 8,447 people groups in the 10/40 Window, 69.8% of them are unreached.
After more research, we learned that there are believers all over the world who strongly desire to transplant their lives to the 10/40 Window in order to reach the lost. However, for many of them, financial resources are an overwhelming obstacle which keeps them from going. Sadly, there are also missionaries currently scattered throughout the 10/40 Window who are unable to stay where they are because there are not enough funds to keep them there. These are some facts that motivated us to action.
One of the biggest ways to participate in God’s mission is to support missionaries financially, so we decided to sell t-shirts to raise money for this cause. The amount of money we initially raised highly exceeded our expectations; therefore, we strongly desire to continue in our pursuit to reach the nations with the gospel through these t-shirts.

In a college town like Auburn, college students are constantly buying t-shirts. Often, students make the excuse that they don’t have enough money to financially support a missionary, so we began showing them that it is possible to contribute to God’s mission through funding missionaries. Before we knew it, there were people all over the state of Alabama wearing Ten|Forty t-shirts, and even some in other states! That’s when we learned that college students aren’t the only ones who like t-shirts.
T-shirts are also a great idea because you wear a powerful message for everyone to see. The Lord has opened opportunities for us to share the gospel to people who wanted to know what “Ten|Forty” meant. Maybe He will do the same for you? When you explain that it is where the most unreached and unengaged people groups live, it then leads you to explain why you care that they are unreached. When you purchase a t-shirt, we will include a note on it that tells you how to use your t-shirt. It is meant to be used as an intentional gospel tool.

There is an overwhelming and heartbreaking amount of missionaries who could use our help. We have decided on a couple specific qualifications to help us narrow down our options. One qualification is that they must be actively serving inside of the 10/40 Window. Another qualification is that we have to know how they would use the money. We would also like to be able to hand deliver the money to them if at all possible.
In order to decide where we send our funds, we seek wisdom from many different people. First, we meet with the missions pastor, and he gives us the names of several brothers and sisters who could greatly benefit from our support. We then present the names to our Board of Directors and they pray and vote on where to send the money. Our Board of Directors consists of adults that are members of a local church and who desire to see His Name furthered in the 10/40 Window. After much prayer, He has been very faithful to make it clear on where the money should go. We then write a check and it is hand delivered via our church’s missions effort to a missionary serving in the 10/40 Window.

In the Fall of 2014, we were able to hand deliver $2,000 in cash to a brother serving in East Asia. He is serving in the darkest, most unreached country on the planet. He was so blessed by our support, and we were encouraged to see how he used the money to further God’s kingdom.
We were also able to support a college student who was going to serve in East Asia for a semester through the IMB’s Hands On program. We were able to give $535 to help her raise the money she needed for her trip.
Praise the Lord for his wonderful work in making these funds available through the sales of this organization.

You can get involved by purchasing one of our t-shirts! We are regularly introducing new designs. Another way is to share our story and your experience with us— with your friends and family. Help us advertise by word of mouth or through social media. We are excited to see what the Lord does now that we have our t-shirts available for online purchase.
Also, be sure to not only wear the shirt but strategically use the shirt to engage people with the gospel.
We are in need of sponsors. We have big plans to do new things throughout the coming months, like making new products in order to raise more money. So if you don't want a t-shirt but still want to be involved with our mission, we would be so grateful for any donations.