It is with joy that I report that we have seen incredible growth of Ten Forty Threads in the last few months! We now have five different shirt options available in short sleeve and long sleeve and many different colors. We also have had shirts purchased in 21 different states!
But the most exciting news is that last month we were able to send $3,000 to missionaries living in the Ten Forty Window! We had a group of people praying over where and who to send the money to and they were all in agreement that we were to send $1,500 to two different people. Both people were incredibly appreciative and one responded through email saying, “Thank you so much! We are so grateful and encouraged. The timing was a God thing!”
It is because of YOU purchasing shirts and stickers that we were able to send this money. With every dollar that you spend supporting Ten Forty Threads, you are making an eternal impact. These missionaries are faithfully serving in some of the darkest, most hard to reach areas in the world. Because of YOU they can continue to be a light to the lost people around them.
Join me and the rest of the staff in praying for these missionaries. Pray that God will bless the giving and use it for the glory of His name and the expanding of His Kingdom!
All glory be to God.
Next steps:

  1. Buy a shirt and sticker.
  2. Tell all of your friends about Ten Forty Threads.
  3. Follow us on social media.
  4. Buy another shirt.
  5. Make a donation through the “contribute” button on our website.

For His Name’s sake,
Savannah Hutto
Ten|Forty Threads