It is with joy that I report that we have seen incredible growth of Ten Forty Threads in the last few months! We now have five different shirt options available in short sleeve and long sleeve and many different colors. We also have had shirts purchased in 21 different states!
But the most exciting news is that last month we were able to send $3,000 to missionaries living in the Ten Forty Window! We had a group of people praying over where and who to send the money to and they were all in agreement that we were to send $1,500 to two different people. Both people were incredibly appreciative and one responded through email saying, “Thank you so much! We are so grateful and encouraged. The timing was a God thing!”
It is because of YOU purchasing shirts and stickers that we were able to send this money. With every dollar that you spend supporting Ten Forty Threads, you are making an eternal impact. These missionaries are faithfully serving in some of the darkest, most hard to reach areas in the world. Because of YOU they can continue to be a light to the lost people around them.
Join me and the rest of the staff in praying for these missionaries. Pray that God will bless the giving and use it for the glory of His name and the expanding of His Kingdom!
All glory be to God.
Next steps:

  1. Buy a shirt and sticker.
  2. Tell all of your friends about Ten Forty Threads.
  3. Follow us on social media.
  4. Buy another shirt.
  5. Make a donation through the “contribute” button on our website.

For His Name’s sake,
Savannah Hutto
Ten|Forty Threads

A New Season

Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” (ESV)

       We at Ten Forty Threads are absolutely ecstatic to announce a new season in the history of our organization.  However, before looking to the future, what could be more beneficial than realizing just how far we have come?
        Since November of 2013, we have operated as united believers with a common goal of funding missionaries in the 10/40 window.  Since our establishment, we have been blessed enough to sell just over 1,021 shirts and donate a grand total of $2,535.53 to missionaries in the most unreached areas on planet Earth.  Recently, while examining how we can best serve the Kingdom of God going forward, a select few of us began the journey of registering with the IRS as an official Non-Profit Organization.  This would not only help us maintain a more professional image, but would allow us to appeal to a much larger number of clients and better handle finances.  After navigating through the inevitable hoops and red tape that come with the government, a time of waiting began for the day we were an official Non-Profit.
        Dearly beloved, it is with great excitement that I announce that day has come.  With numerous prayer requests following this big transition, we ask for your daily support in every area of our organization.  First and most importantly, please continue to pray for God’s will for our organization to help spread the Gospel to ears that have never even heard his name.  Secondly, your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated with new team members and those of us operating in new positions.  Lastly, with new products and t-shirt orders quickly approaching, please pray for our marketing efforts and an increased clientele.  

       It is with great humility that we ask for any possible donations that you may be able to offer in order to help us replenish the funds spent on fees while filing with the IRS.  Our goal is to raise all $550 spent on these fees, which would allow more funds from our next t-shirt order to go straight to our missionary partners.  The "Donate" button below will direct you to our website where you can help us, if the Lord wills, continue to move forward as an organization.

       In closing, we at Ten|Forty thank you for all of your support thus far and look forward to future business and donations to our missionary partners.  In order to help us in those efforts, please see our new t-shirts above.  Pre-orders for these new designs go on sale Friday!  As we enter this new season for our organization, we truly hope that you will join us for this incredible ride.  To God be the Glory!
Chandler Donegan
Director of Communications

Ten|Forty Tuesday Coming Soon!

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that March 1 is officially Ten|Forty Tuesday! So, next Tuesday wear your favorite Ten|Forty Threads shirt on campus or in the work place and use it to share the good news to the people around you! These shirts provide a great opportunity to weave gospel threads into your daily conversations. 

Also, take pictures of you and friends in your shirts and use the hashtag #TenFortyThreads!! Get excited!!